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At Body Fresh Fitness we don't believe in fad diets, food restrictions, intimidating training methods or inconvenience.
We believe in finding what works for you by educating you on how to understand nutrition and exercise better, so that you're able to sustain your results long term!

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Who are Body Fresh Fitness?

We are body transformation specialists. We aim to help people transform their bodies via our expert guidance in both training and nutrition.

Meet the Team

Matt Fowl

Matt Fowl

Matt studied his Nutrition Qualification with Precision Nutritionand it's safe to say he is a nutrition geek.

What does Matt have to say:

"We've now helped hundreds of people transform their lives here at Body Fresh Fitness by helping them create healthy eating habits and being consistent with training. It's nothing to fear and in fact most people who join the ranks end up wishing they had done so years ago! Apart from that I'm just a normal guy. I love my food, really love my music and enjoy working on my body & health whilst enjoying my life! I know it can be nerve racking or even intimidating when thinking of starting a fitness goal but here at Body Fresh Fitness we will work as a team to get you through it."

Matt Fowl

Mike Weston

Mike has an impressive background in Health and Fitness. He is an ex semi-professional rugby player and has played for Saracens, England Colleges and Bedford Blues. He has a sports science degree and a long list of sport conditioning qualifications. A genuinely nice guy; Mike really knows how to help clients achieve success with his many years of experience and knowledge within the fitness industry.

What does Mike have to say:

"At body Fresh fitness we have a practical and realistic approach to training and nutrition. I am passionate about educating and guiding people into successful fitness journeys, and a journey they can sustain for the rest of their lives.  My motto is work smart and work hard. Training and nutrition shouldn't be about sacrifice and hardship but instead something that's motivational, enjoyable and effective. This will lead you to feel good about yourself allowing you to live your life the way you intend too."


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Louise Pengelly


Body Fresh Fitness has completely changed the way I approach fitness. There is a real down-to-earth feel and a great sense of community. They have a great team which has kept me motivated. I'd 100% recommend them

Anna Herd

ANNA HERD - 50, Administrator

I've really improved my diet and health since being at BOdy Fresh Fitness. My main goal was to improve my strength which the coaches helped me to do in a progressive way to suit me. I'm now fitter, stronger and healthier.

Luke Bowering

LUKE BOWERING - 31, Builder

I have always trained in the gym but never really had any structure. Then I joined Body Fresh Fitness and now I fell I am moving towards a positive direction in my life. Ive been with Body Fresh Fitness for 2 years now and I move better, feel better and look better. I love how they coach and help you improve, as well as focusing on you. I used to go through periods of low motivation or being really out of health/shape. Now i stay healthy all year long and it feels easy! Thank you Body Fresh!

Body Fresh Fitness
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