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About "Circuits"

One of the most commonly asked questions is "what are Circuits?". Circuits, (also known as Circuit training) involves doing a set number of exercises, back-to-back in quick succession, for rounds — or "circuits." The rest time between circuits is generally very low, and the rest time between exercises is ideally non-existent.

This is a high-intensity form of training which can be done with machines, free weights, or body weight.

A basic circuit training routine could be something like 20 pushups, followed by 20 squats, then 20 burpees and repeat for 10 rounds.

The class currently runs every Tuesday at 7pm and lasts 45 minutes so if you're interested, come down and see what Body Fresh Fitness can do for you!


If you are one of our members, our circuits class is included in your membership. If you do not wish to currently invest in a membership, you can pay for the course separately. This is currently charged at £30 for a six week course. You do not have to do the whole course and if you just wish to come on an "ad hoc" basis, the class is charged at £7.

More classes will be coming soon.

Our location

Our Circuits class takes place at our main location.

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Harlow Rugby Club
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Howard Way,
Harlow, Essex
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